About this blog

In October 2016 Labour published a list of 170 questions for the UK government on Brexit and policy.

Ten of these questions pertained to digital and tech, specifically to the European laws and directives which form the regulatory frameworks for these fields. The questions are immediately relevant to the future shape of our work within these industries, and for many of us, our ability to remain working within these industries at all.

The Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union subsequently dismissed all 170 questions outright as “a stunt” without answering any of them.

That is no reflection on their validity.

The ten questions on digital and tech create a useful, non-partisan checklist we can use to monitor progress and developments – in whatever forms they might take – throughout the Brexit negotiations.

This blog, which is a side project of the Webdevlaw blog, will track updates and developments on these digital questions as they arise.